Polyacryl Iran Corporation is an Iranian producer and distributor of artificial fibers and polyester products. The company’s product portfolio includes polyester staple fiber, polyester filament yarn, acrylic staple fiber, acrylic tops and polyester tops. It also offers demineralized water and nitrogen. Polyacryl Iran Corporation was set up in 1974 in Tehran, while its first factory became operational in 1978. Currently, it has five plants located in Isfahan.


Polyacryl in 2025: a profitable company, a broad market, a varied business with a superior quality.

Acrylic Fiber Tow

Our acrylic fibers are produced using monomer acrylonitrile as the major monomer (over 85%), methylacrylate or vinyl acetate as the second comonomer (less than 15%) and a third comonomer for dyability, by solution polymerization and Wet Spinning using SNIA technology. In both dull and semi-dull product, Titanium Dioxide (max 0.5%) is used. Also, in the process of production, the fibers are submerged in finish (finish of about 0.5%) prior to packing.

Antipil Polyester Tops

The plant receives the Antipil from the PIC Polyester Plant, the sole Antipil producer in Iran. In the tops room, once the fiber is cut by converting, the tow is gilled at several stages to make it as parallel and uniform as possible such that good tow is prepared for further delivery to the combers. Then, the combers will carefully comb the tow cleaning it of naps, defects and short fibers. Finally, it is further gilled at two other stages-the final gill is equipped with auto lever-to make it parallel and further lower the non-uniformity coefficient. The tops is produced with 3 deniers and cut lengths 75, 85 and 100 mm. The end product is packed in 20 kg-bags and then 10 bags are packed in a 200-kg bale for sale.

Industrial Acrylic Fibers

Industrial acrylic fibers are used in non-textile industries. They possess much higher tenacity, Young’s modulus and chemical resistance than conventional fibers and are supplied on a customized basis. Using DuPont’s technology and Grout Polymerization method make it possible to achieve higher molecular mass than alternative technologies. In producing the polymer used in this product, acrylonitrile is used as the principal monomer and some other co-monomers. The most important advantage of this product over conventional fibers is the capability of controlling the heat treatment of fiber. The product is produced as tops and staple in a variety of cut lengths and dtex of one and above depending on customer’s demand.

Superior Polybest

Superior Polybest acrylic fibers are used as a substitute for asbestos in reinforcing concrete, asphalt, Iranite, gaskets, brake linings, etc. They possess considerably high chemical resistance and since they have a dogbone section, they have a better affinity with cement than rival fibers. Absence of micro-voids in this product is an advantage for the product over other rival fibers. Furthermore, the polymer production process using grout polymerization makes it possible to achieve a higher molecular mass and consequently improves tenacity and Young’s modulus than other technologies. Depending on the customer’s demand, these fibers are produced with a dtex of one and above and cut lengths of 04 to 12 mm.




Polyacryl Iran Production & Products

  • Polyester Yarn

    Polyester yarn produced in Polyester Plant with an actual annual operating capacity of 21,000 metric tons comprises undrawn yarn.
  • Poly Cool Yarn

    This product is manufactured at Polyester Plant and because of its favorable physical properties and rapid moisture dissipation
  • Polyester Fiber

    Polyester fiber produced in various deniers and introduced as a good alternative for cotton in textile industries is manufactured at Polyester Plant.



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